dessert dining experience

Open from January 9th.

A unique sensorial experience in an elegant but informal atmosphere. A path that winds through multiple emotions; an evening trip where Federico Rottigni will accompany you within his creative mind with a surprise menu, between dishes created with pastry techniques and paired cocktails.
Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty, but above all do not be afraid to dream with us.
Reservation is required and on one shift (8.00 pm). See more info in the booking form.

Federico Rottigni

Hi, my name is Federico Rottigni; I was born in Milan and I am an Italian pastry chef.

I wanted to be a cook, but in the end the world of dessert kidnapped me forever. The only rules that I’m able to follow are the chemical ones of pastry.

Be ready to break them with me.

Eleven seats at the counter in the heart of historic center of Milan.

Welcome to my corner of the world.

The privilege to get excited and let yourself get excited.

A place where daring and dreaming is not yet prohibited.


We never stop. Therefore we are always looking for new people to join out talent pool of collaborators.

For applications or collaboration proposals, contact us here:


PLEASE NOTE: Bookings made for January 2021 refer to the last seats for the experience “FIRST“, the journey proposed and created in 2020 by Federico Rottigni. The new 2021 journey will be announced in the coming months.
Given the complexity of the menu, the reservation is mandatory and developed on one shift (4.00 pm).
At the moment the experience takes place exclusively at the counter for 8 people.

For reservations superior to 5 people, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
If the desired day is not available, click here to indicate your availability on our waiting list.

For the booking process we rely on ResDiary and Stripe booking systems; a credit card number will be requested just as guarantee.
We invite you to read booking Terms and Conditions.
Given the particularity of the experience, and in respect of all participants and guests, access to children under the age of 10 is strongly discouraged.

Once the booking process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t receive it or for any need, please contact us by phone on +39 02 2305 4678 or e-mail.