I have always been a free and rebellious soul; hungry for everything, for knowledge, for new things, for discoveries and for food. The passion for cooking and the artistic expression that it entails has accompanied me since I was a child.
It is within this place that I understand that food is soul and sensations; it is no longer just physical nourishment, but food for the soul itself. I abandon schemes and concepts such as sweet, savory or pre-ordered sequences of dishes, which in this dimension completely lose their meaning. Everything is mixed and overturned; the lack of fixed points makes us fragile, almost as if we were children, predisposed to enjoy something different and at the same time to enjoy its amazement.
They are constantly evolving and the above may already have changed while you are reading.


I was born in a house where wine was the reason for everything: to work, laugh and earn.
I grew up with a look enchanted by the beauty of the world and a thought immersed in the mystery of life.
After my father’s death I’ve discovered a sense of emptiness in which I had lost everything until the memory of a sincere wine changed my way of being, doing and thinking.
From the taste of that experience I understood that emptiness was the origin of Everything.
An eternal, infinite and immutable emptiness that lives in me as if it were before my very existence.
I went back to the land to develop the meaning of life like that of vineyards that never give up.


Alchemical wines are pure wines created in a situation of extreme harmony with nature and with the meaning of life. After a long alchemical fermentation of about two years, a liquid memory is obtained, devoid of any scent and flavor, which is bottled very pure to create the taste of its own history in the darkness of each bottle. In this way the wine is able to follow its own path, telling the story of the relationship between the craftsman and the vineyard, and not the taste of the fruit and the territory.


A small venue in the heart of Milan, a stone’s throw from the Duomo. An anonymous door separates us from the outside world, to project us once we enter, in an environment poised between sacredness and theatricality, between mystical and profane.
Eleven seats at a white marble counter that is soft to the touch, in the middle of a minimal, elegant and comfortable, almost intimate space. The counter, where everything takes place, becomes a theatrical representation and a timeless metaphysical space.
The path is recited every evening, where the only variation will be the soul of the guests, seated in this place to experience something miraculous and unique.


We never stop. Therefore we are always looking for new people to be included in the talent pool or collaborators.

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