• What is REBORN?
    REBORN is first of all an experience.
    An experience where soul, body and mind are stimulated and satisfied. When you arrive, you will be seated at a majestic marble counter; from there on you will be co-protagonist of a unique journey that will stimulate the deepest part of yours. Flavours, smells, lights, music and stories will lead you to discover a new world.
  • Can REBORN be considered a dinner?
    Yes. REBORN is in fact made of of 7 courses with pairings. This makes it a perfect dinner substitute.
  • How long does REBORN last?
    INSOMNIA last 1 hour and 40 minutes circa.
  • Are the drink pairings very alcoholic?
    Absolutely not. Despite the possibility of choosing a non-alcoholic pairing, you must know that the alcoholic pairing is specifically designed to leave a good physiological sensation at the end of the experience. In fact, it is not necessary to be a regular drinker to enjoy the alcoholic pairing without surprises.
  • Is REBORN made of desserts only?
    You have to know that our menus are developed in a hybrid area, where the concept of dish and dessert come together in a single creative interpretation without space or time.
  • How often does the menu change?
    The different journeys change with various and disparate cadences. A likely structure is that of an important menu with an almost annual frequency, interrupted in some moments, however, with so-called “capsule menus”, or limited editions that can last one or two months. In order not to miss any news, follow us on our social media profiles or subscribe to the Newsletter during the booking process.
  • Is it possible to try your philosophy only by participating to a full menu?
    No. At the moment is possible to access the bar for a “a la carte” menu on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with plated desserts, savory snacks and creative cocktails.