We are a place made of people.
We are an horizontal deck of creativity and freedom.
We are a bar, a restaurant and a safe place.
We are what we serve every day.
But above all, first of all, we are.

We are waiting for you at the counter.

Federico Rottigni

Federico Rottigni is a milanese chef and art director.
His education takes place in the artistic and creative fields, but one day he decides to abandon his path, starting a new one. That of fine dining.
After 10 years around among various prestigious italian and international realities, he decides to create a place where he can finally reunite the two worlds that most represent him.
The world of creativity and the world of gastronomic experimentation.

Our first à la carte selection available every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 07pm to 12pm.
Reservation is not mandatory and walk-in is also possible.

If you’d like to book, please contact us at +39 02 2305 4678.


We never stop. Therefore we are always looking for new people to be included in the talent pool or collaborators.

For applications or collaboration proposals, contact us here: